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Maëlle Reymond

She was trained as a choreography artist at Coline in Istres and strarted working as a performer with the compagny Adrien M & Claire B in 2013 for the création The Movement of Air . In 2017, she entered the circus compagny Le Jardin des délices directed by Luna Rousseau and Nathan Israël for the creation La Chose, as well as Guillaume Bertrand's compagny 13ème Quai for the creation Scoparium . In 2016, she founded the compagny Infime Entaille, and she was the recipient of Création en cours 2018 grand set by the Ateliers Médicis.

Her choreographic research relies on the tangible inside and outside bonds that the body establishes . The discovery of the Buto dancing in 2013 utterly altered her work as a performer and she has thus started to deepen her awareness of details and the relationship to movement as essential.

Jérémy Chartier

After studying History of Art, he got involved in live performing arts as a gaffer in 2008. Highly interested in music, he bought instruments from all over the world along the years, and trained for CAM and multi diffusion. He worked regularly as a musician, gaffer and stage manager for the company Adrien M & Claire B. In 2015, he composed and performed on stage the show The movement of air. He has also worked for varied compagny : Le théâtre du Réel, DDM, La parlote, Vox, Alphonse et Cie, Fearless Rabbits as well as the music group Rilojosa. In 2018, he founded the collective Bleu Corail with Marion Lucas. For the compagny Infime Entaille, he is, together with Christophe Sartori, fully in charge of lightings, videos, sound.

As a musician, he is sensitive to the experience of direct acoustic vibrations. He loves to play on the dichotomies that are proper to music, whether it is collective or individual, art or folk, luxuriant or minimal, spiritual or sensual, divine or common.

Christophe Sartori

Trained as a technician, he entered the Grand R Scene Nationale team in 2000, where he met the choreographer Yvann Alexandre, for whom he composed sound tracks for 18 years. He aslo worked with the Théâtre des Cerises, the compagny du 2ème, the choreographer Ezio Schiavulli, and since 2014, the compagny Ke Kosa, the collective Extra Muros, the photographer Delphine Perrin and the plastic artist Serge Crampon. In 2003, he met Adrien Mondot en 2003 at the time of Convergence 1.0 and took part of the writing of sound track while ensuring stage management. He then worked for the compagny Adrien M & Claire B. For the compagny Infime Entaille, he is, together with Jérémy Chartier, fully in charge of lightings, videos, sound.

Starting from electronic samples, sometimes mixed with live electroacoustic compositions, he imagines sound backgrounds, and creates musical landscapes that add up to the visual experience of the show.

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